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Intensive Head, Neck and Shoulder Therapy

Tension in the face, neck and shoulders is a major source of discomfort for many people. Even a regular massage may not be sufficient to undo the results of years of postural and mental stress. Here at the practice we have had many requests for a treatment which targets this troublesome area at a deeper level. As a result Margaret is introducing the Intensive Head Neck and Shoulder Therapy. Specially designed to be the ultimate prescription for tension, stress and pain, it is a whole hour of intense restorative treatment.


What is so special about this therapy?

Intensive Head Neck and Shoulder Therapy is a unique East/West fusion of traditional osteopathic techniques with shiatsu (acupressure) and Reiki. It combines a variety of synergistic approaches which produce deep levels of relaxation, both physical and mental. Most people find that after just a few sessions the 'muscle memory' automatically resets to a lower level of tension.

Margaret's unparalleled experience with a wide range of complementary modalities ensures that the emphasis of the treatment is individually tailored to the patient's needs. Every session is unique to that particular patient and that specific time. Please feel free to discuss the treatment content at any time.


What might the treatment include?

Most sessions are likely to include a range of familiar osteopathic techniques - muscle kneading and stretching, joint articulation, traction and manipulation. Cupping and heated vibromassage can be particularly helpful when muscles are nodular and painful. Acupressure encourages energetic balance, and Reiki adds a whole new dimension of profound relaxation.

Elements of Japanese Facial Therapy are also included. These may involve a revitalising oil massage which is designed to reduce tension in the facial and jaw areas. [Note that some oil may remain on the skin or hair afterwards - if this is likely to be a problem, please mention this before the treatment begins.]


When, and for whom, might it be useful?

Virtually everyone suffers from neck and shoulder tension from time to time. For the more laid-back amongst us, it may be a problem only at times of particular stress - before exams, end of year accounts, family visits, weddings or moving house, for example. An occasional treatment at appropriate times may be all they need.

However, other people live with high levels of stress their entire lives. For these individuals some form of countermeasure is imperative if their health and performance are not to be compromised. Do you sit all day at a computer, hardly moving a muscle for hours, or rush around trying to balance family commitments and a demanding job? Either way you are likely to end the week with solidified shoulders, a stiff neck, and probably a headache, too. It isn't just the musculo-skeletal problems, either - permanently raised levels of stress hormones coursing through your veins will predispose you to a whole range of threats to your wellbeing.

Certain professions have unavoidable areas of physical stress. Musicians have no choice but to hold their instruments in a particular fashion, and often spend many hours sitting on badly designed chairs. Many a singer habitually carries excessive tension in the neck area, and this can restrict effective use of their vocal apparatus.

Whatever the underlying cause of your discomfort, this new therapeutic approach can be tailored to your exact requirements.


Are there any side-effects or contraindications?

There are very few. Please refer to Osteopathy section.


Dress Code

Clothing for treatment must ensure adequate access to the neck and shoulder area. Male patients should be undressed from the waist up. Ladies can wear a bra or vest with straps removed or tucked in. A covering of a blanket or towel will be provided at a suitable point in the session to avoid your becoming chilled.



£82.00 for 60 minutes.
£62.00 for 30 minutes. (Ideal as a 'taster session' or gift.)

This includes time for undressing, dressing and a few minutes rest.

We now can accept Debit and Credit Card payments.



Specialised Head Neck and Shoulder Therapy

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