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Covid-19 Practice Information

COVID-19: our Practice is NOW OPEN!

If you would like to contact our Practice for an appointment, please telephone us on: 020 8653 8785 or send an email:

It is a great relief to us all that we are gradually able to move a little nearer to a more ‘normal’ life.

It is, of course, self-evident that osteopaths and their patients cannot be ‘social distancing’ during treatment.

From a personal point of view this means that the Practice is taking patients again, but in a limited number, and under stringent conditions which will minimise the chances of cross-infection. These adjustments to the Practice are specified by my Statutory Professional Regulator (General Osteopathic Council).

Below is a link to a video which outlines what you can expect from your osteopathic appointment during COVID-19.

Following on from the video, here are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TREATMENT for our own individual Practice:

Disposable masks of NHS-FFPS standard 2 must be worn by the osteopath and the patient. A plastic bag containing the mask will be left in the hall and you must put this on immediately on entering the Practice, and keep it on until you have exited the practice after the treatment. No other type of mask will be acceptable.

2. On entering the Practice, Jenny (our Practice Manager) will guide you through the necessary COVID-19 sanitising procedures.

3. You will be asked to leave your shoes in the hall, before entering the Practice. You may prefer to bring a spare pair of socks with you so you can wear them in the Practice.

4. You must use the provided sanitising gel on your hands. You should then wash your hands in the toilet basin upstairs, if you wish, where you will find a towel solely for your own use to dry your hands.

5. In the treatment room, the table will be covered with a disposable cover, and a wipeable pillowcase will be used.

6. I will be booking a maximum of one patient per 60-90 minutes in order to allow all surfaces to be disinfected between patients, the sheet to be changed and the room ventilated for 20 minutes.

7. I will be changing my treatment top after each patient, and Jenny, our Practice Manager, will disinfect all surfaces in the treatment room and public areas at that time.

8. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your appointment, as the waiting area will not be in use. Also, you should come unaccompanied, or leave any other person in the car or outside the practice. If you are early for your appointment, please go for a walk outside, or if you are driving, then remain in your car until your appointment time.

9. Bring as little as possible into the Practice and treatment room – preferably only your mobile, keys and wallet.

10. Jenny will also be wearing a mask, and following social distancing recommendations when making further appointments. She can email a confirmation of your next appointment to you. No Appointment Cards will be given.

11. Payments: Treatment fees can only be paid for by debit or credit card. NO CHEQUES or CASH can be accepted. In common with other medical professions we have been advised to request pre-payment of appointment charges. This will minimise unnecessary contact in the Practice, and facilitate safe movement in and out of the practice. You will receive a request for payment by SMS, with a secure link, which will enable you to pay using your debit or credit card.

NB: We are also introducing a temporary COVID-19 Surcharge of £4, which will be added to your treatment fee. This is to help to cover the substantial cost of COVID-19 protective items, and thus make your treatment environment as safe as possible.

12. Patients will be telephoned for a health check 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

These rules, although stringent, will hopefully protect us all.


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