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Japanese Facial Therapy with Shiatsu and Reiki

True beauty involves more than just the latest skincare or most expensive cosmetics – it requires a high level of glowing health and attractive vitality. In Japan this aspect of beauty is addressed by traditional shiatsu-based facial massage. It is a remarkable therapy which affects not only the face, but also stimulates the body’s own energetic meridian system, in just the same fashion as acupuncture.

Japanese Facial Therapy combines synergistically with the healing touch of Reiki, producing a unique holistic approach to facial rejuvenation.


What are the potential beneficial effects?

There are 3 main beneficial effects of Japanese Facial Therapy:

A deep state of relaxation is reached very rapidly. Many individuals maintain that, for them, treatment is equivalent to a full night’s sleep. Click here for an article on research into Massage and Relaxation.

Rejuvenation & ‘Lifting’

  • Improvements in blood circulation, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and vitality combine to reduce the appearance of premature wrinkles.
  • The face appears glowing, healthy and more youthful.
  • This effect increases with further treatments.
  • An initial course of six treatments at weekly intervals is recommended for the greatest effect.
  • Maintenance therapy is suggested every six weeks.

Holistic Effects
Stimulation and balancing of those meridians which are accessible on the face can encourage a feeling of wellbeing and increased energy.


What does the treatment involve?

Skin Preparation
The skin is cleansed and gently stimulated with an ultra-fine dermal roller. This process opens the pores, allowing up to 40 times greater penetration of our exclusive Therapia products.

Gentle hand strokes improve circulation and relax tense muscles, preparing them for the next stage.

An individual prescription of oils and other biological actives will be used for this process. Note that some oil may remain on skin and hair after the treatment.

Muscle Stimulation
Specific massage techniques help to reawaken ‘muscle memory’ and encourage a more youthful ‘lifted’ appearance.

Meridian Therapy
Pressure point stimulation of the meridians on the face helps to balance the energetic system and encourages a feeling of wellbeing and increased energy.

Lymphatic Drainage
Encourages the removal of toxins and reduces unnecessary water retention in the facial tissues. It helps to impart a healthy glow and reduces puffiness.

The session ends with a further application of appropriate Therapia products. These are melded into the skin by a warming and relaxing few minutes of Reiki.


Are there any contra-indications?

There are very few absolute contra-indications. These might include recent surgery, laser treatment, fillers or Botox; active skin infections; skin cancer.

A questionnaire and information sheet will be issued once an appointment has been booked, and you will be advised of any potential problems.


Dress Code

  • Clothing for treatment must ensure adequate access to the neck and shoulder area.
  • Ladies should wear a bra or vest with straps removed or tucked in.
  • Male patients should be undressed from the waist up.
  • A covering of a blanket or towel will be provided to avoid your becoming chilled.



£82.00 for 60 minutes.
£62.00 for 30 minutes. (Ideal as a 'taster session' or gift.)

This includes time for undressing, dressing and a few minutes rest.

We now can accept Debit and Credit Card payments.



Japanese Facial Therapy with Shiatsu and Reiki

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The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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