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Performing Arts

Performers of all types are vulnerable creatures. It takes only a strained ankle or sore throat to threaten a whole career - as a result they need sympathetic handling by a practitioner who really understands both their problems and their profession.

Osteopath and Nutritional Therapist Margaret Papoutsis has spent a lifetime at the leading edge of performance medicine. She has developed a special rapport with artists, both professional and student, which enhances both her therapies and her health-related advice.

Patient Comment:

Mrs. Papoutsis is absolutely amazing! Not only does she always get my body working again but she gets my nutrition and my head in top gear. I have been going to the practise for over 30 years, starting when I was still a dance student. I am now a balletmistress in Germany and fly over regularly so that Margaret can get me back together again, she has never failed! My only fear is that she might retire before me............then I have a big problem! She is the only person I really trust and as all dancers, old or young know, it is vital to have someone that knows what our job involves. Thank-you Margaret!(AL, Germany)

Patient Comment:
Margaret Papoutsis has treated me for 28 years, first as a dance student then as a dancer and now as a ballet teacher. In this time Margaret has given me outstanding care and treatment not only as an osteopath but also as a nutritionist. She also gives general good advice on looking after ones body. Things she told me 28 years ago I am still doing today. Margaret's knowledge of dance and dancer's bodies makes her, in my opinion the leader in treating dance injuries. I would not have had a dancing career without her and I now send my own ballet students who need treatment. We think nothing of the two to three hour journey from Suffolk to see Margaret. I highly recommend Margaret and her healing hands! (SN, Suffolk)


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The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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