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... the missing piece (peace) of your life?

Psych-K is a remarkably quick and easy way of dealing with all those annoying habit patterns and small psychological 'blips' which are common to us all. These unconscious behaviours can mar an otherwise well-balanced attitude to life, and cause unnecessary stress and conflict.

With Psych-K you can transform a negative, self-limiting attitude into a positive, self-supporting one. Once this goal has been achieved, the beneficial effects can filter through to many other areas of your life - the 'buy one, get one free' effect!

This process can facilitate the removal of the 'blocks' which stop us from becoming the very best we can be. So many of us attend self-improvement courses, undergo sessions of EFT, counselling, hypnosis, regression therapy and a myriad of other wonderful mind-expanding processes - but somehow the effects are never quite as life-changing as hoped. If this is your experience, perhaps you have subconscious programmes which just won't allow you to take advantage of all the work that have put in? Many people find that after Psych-K has overwritten these unrecognised negative habits, then there is unexpected access to much of their previous training and study - they have finally 'stopped stopping themselves'...

Bruce Lipton, author of the best-selling book The Biology of Belief, recommends Psych-K as the method of choice for 'rewriting your behavioral software'. Recent research in psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy has confirmed the positive effects of Psych-K on the brain and the mind.

Margaret Papoutsis is an Advanced Psych-K facilitator. She was trained in 2006 in the UK by an instructor who themselves was mentored by Rob Williams, originator of Psych-K, at the Psych-K Centre International. Margaret was one of the first therapists in the UK to incorporate this unique approach into her practice, and uses the method both as an adjunct to her other therapies, and also as a stand-alone technique for a wide range of conditions. She is always happy to discuss the suitability of Psych-K for any particular problem.

For more detailed information on Psych-K click here for the longer article and access to research papers.

Margaret is also on the practitioner register of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health , which encourages the inclusion of Nutrition and Functional Medicine in the handling of psychological and mental disorders.


How does Psych-K help?

Studies on neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our consciousness is actually sub-conscious. The subconscious mind is the store house for all of the following:

  • Physical and mental habits
  • Long term memories and emotions
  • Physical learning and 'muscle memory'
  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Beliefs (in the widest, non-religious sense)
and much more ...

It is from these unconscious beliefs that we form perceptions about ourselves and the world, and develop the behavioural patterns which influence our lives.

Some of these behaviours are self-defeating, self-sabotaging patterns often we are aware of these yet find it almost impossible to change the habits, despite will power and good intentions.

How many times have we all said, I don't know why I keep doing this!, and even if you do know why it doesn't always help you to stop!

Many people have enjoyed skilful and considerate counselling, and understand minutely the causes of their distress or phobia - and yet the offending behaviour is so deeply ingrained that they still cannot escape it.

Based on years of scientific research, Psych-K provides a variety of ways to quickly identify beliefs and habits that limit you, and safely transform them into positive ones that support you in all areas of your life.


What is Psych-K?

Psych-K is a balancing technique designed to encourage a state of left/right brain integrationthe most effective state for:

  • Reprogramming the mind with new positive beliefs
  • Reducing unwanted stress
  • Helping you to access your fullest emotional and mental potential
This process does not require you to remember or 're-live' the cause of the problem. You are dealing only with the negative results that you are presently experiencing.

The system draws upon a number of well-researched areas such as:
  • Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Brain Left/Right Dominance Theory
  • Positive Affirmation Technique


How quickly will I see results?

Depending on the goal chosen, and the duration of the problem, the results may be felt immediately, or may evolve over time (hours, days, weeks or longer). There is usually some noticeable improvement after the first visit, and this can often be quite dramatic. Long-term problems may benefit from 2 or 3 sessions within a short space of time.


What can Psych-K help?

  • Confidence problems, low self-esteem, 'victim mentality', fear of change
  • 'Stage fright', performance worries and 'blocks', memory concerns, panic attacks, phobias
  • Weight control, eating problems
  • Stress, insomnia, headaches, tooth-grinding
  • Immune concerns, recurrent health problems, IBS, chronic fatigue, health phobias
and much more ...

Dancers who perform so much better in rehearsal...singers who grind their teeth and tense their shoulders ... musicians who suffer from 'nerves' ... fear of flying, dentists, auditions or death ... executives with high blood pressure ... these are just a few of the problems which have responded well to Psych-K. It can be viewed as both an adjunct to and/or an alternative to performance psychology in both the Arts and sports.


Do I need to do anything myself?

Usually you will be given a little 'homework' to help you to clarify your goals, and further integrate your new positive outlook. Psych-K is a process during which you overwrite negative programming rather than just removing it - so you need to consider the question ... What do I want instead?

For further information see This link includes interviews with Rob Williams, the originator of Psych-K.


What is the cost?

Consultation: 82.00 for 60 minutes.

We now can accept Debit and Credit Card payments.

Appointments can be booked at the practice by telephoning the Practice Manager, Jenny, on 020 8653 8785.


Patient Comment:

I have attended a total of four Psych-K sessions with Margaret Papoutsis over the past seven months and the changes that have occurred in my life since, have been incredible. My confidence has increased, my relationships (both love and friendships) have evolved and also how people respond to me has changed for the better. The effects were noticeable after only one session. Margaret is extremely skilled in this practice and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is curious about Psych-K. (SM)

Patient Comment:
I realise now that I have completely self-sabotaged every relationship. Margaret - thank you a thousand times-Psych K has changed my life and I am now in a happy and fulfilling relationship - even thinking about getting married! (KK,London)

Patient Comment:
Finally, Margarets Psych-K, stress relieving technique helped me get over my regular panic attacks, which were seriously limiting my ability to function normally on a day to day basis. I am now able to travel by airplane once more, as well as crowded trains without the debilitating racing heart and shortness of breath that accompanied my overwhelming panic.(SY, London)


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