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Patient Comments

I visited Margaret over a year ago for my Psych K therapy. What a difference my life has been since. I feel more fulfilled, confident and was able to move on from a traumatic relationship that I was trapped in for years.
She really is a wonderful lady.

Lucy Grant

I visited Margaret over a year ago for my Psych K therapy. What a difference my life has been since. I feel more fulfilled, confident and was able to move on from a traumatic relationship that I was trapped in for years. She really is a wonderful lady.


I realise now that I have completely self-sabotaged every relationship. Margaret - thank you a thousand times - Psych-K has changed my life and I am now in a happy and fulfilling relationship - even thinking about getting married!

KK, London

If you've got dry skin or a dull skin tone, I'd speak to Margaret about the Relaxing Body Oil. Don't be fooled by the name, it ought to be called Wonder Oil or something more dramatic like that because what's in the bottle works wonders! I used to suffer from very dry skin for many years only to discover the biggest cause was actually dehydration. My skin improved significantly once I increased my water intake to 8 glasses a day. But what really changed my complexion and now gives it a healthy and more youthful glow is this stuff. Its a rich and nourishing blend of beautifully fragrant oils that Margaret makes to suit your body's requirements. The oils absorb straight into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth throughout the day. The complexion of my skin is now more vibrant than ever before and my skin looks more plump and youthful. Its amazing. After years of expensive body creams that didn't make the appearance of my skin any better beyond the first 10 minutes, I can't imagine ever using anything else. (Note: This product is now called Intensive Body Oil)

jane gledhill

Margaret Papoutsis has treated me for 28 years, first as a dance student then as a dancer and now as a ballet teacher. In this time Margaret has given me outstanding care and treatment not only as an osteopath but also as a nutritionist. She also gives general good advice on looking after ones body. Things she told me 28 years ago I am still doing today. Margaret's knowledge of dance and dancer's bodies makes her, in my opinion the leader in treating dance injuries. I would not have had a dancing career without her and I now send my own ballet students who need treatment. We think nothing of the two to three hour journey from Suffolk to see Margaret. I highly recommend Margaret and her healing hands!

Sandra Hartley ARAD (RTS) AISTD

Mrs. Papoutsis is absolutely amazing!
Not only does she always get my body working again but she gets my nutrition and my head in top gear. I have been going to the practise for over 30 years, starting when I was still a dance student. I am now a balletmistress in Germany and fly over regularly so that Margaret can get me back together again, she has never failed! My only fear is that she might retire before me............then I have a big problem! She is the only person I really trust and as all dancers, old or young know, it is vital to have someone that knows what our job involves. Thank-you Margaret!

Antoinette Laurent

I came as a patient with a terrible pain in my back. I had been given crutches from a chiropractor in America but there was little improvement. When I finally arrived at the practice I was in a desperate condition. I was frightened that I might not recover at all. After one treatment the major back pain had gone, leaving me with renewed hope. My experience is commonplace at the practice and I would recommend anyone with these problems to come and see Margaret Papoutsis.

Richard Mackenzie

I have known Margaret for over 30 years and through the various accidents that I have inflicted on my back during this time Margaret has always been able to remove the pain sustained from the injuries and put me back together again. I travel a lot and on occasions have needed to seek treatment elsewhere ,however none have compared with the healing and therapy that Margaret administers. It has left me in no doubt that Margaret is a truly gifted person and blessed with healing hands. I am very lucky to know her

Clive Ongley

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Margaret has been instrumental in helping me overcome problems that would otherwise have hindered my ability to lead a normal life.

As an osteopath, Margaret has enabled me just after one treatment to walk when a painful lower back meant that before I could barely stand upright and any movement meant excruciating pain. This was even more important for me when considering that taking time off work at the time meant that it would have affected deadlines.

Margaret is also currently advising me with regards to my dietary regime, with the aim of helping me to reduce the chronic bloating indicative of a yeast sensitivity and gastric reflux, as well as to reduce my weight. Although at the early stages of the therapy, I have already begun to notice an improvement and have not needed to take my usual drugs for heartburn.

Finally, Margaretís stress relieving technique helped me get over my regular panic attacks, which were seriously limiting my ability to function normally on a day to day basis. I am now able to travel by airplane once more, as well as crowded trains without the debilitating racing heart and shortness of breath that accompanied my overwhelming panic.

Based on my experiences therefore, it should be no surprise that Margaret with her consummate professionalism has been, and is of great help to me, and would without hesitation recommend her to anybody in need of her valued skills.


In 1967 (aged 16), an orthopaedic specialist told me that I had a curvature of my spine. He said that it would get worse with time, and that there was little to be done for it. My dance teacher at the time recommended that I see Margaret Papoutsis, who has worked absolute miracles - not just on my back (keeping it mobile and pain-free) but also on all my other problems e.g. neck, hips and toe joints. Her osteopathic expertise is second to none and her amazing nutritional knowledge is so, so helpful.


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