Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist   Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist

Osteopath & Nutritional Therapist

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Focus on Osteopathy

Everyone has a different experience when they visit their osteopath ...

What Does Osteopathy Mean to You?

Focus on Osteopathy
Your answer would no doubt depend on the problem that first brought you to the Practice.

If you came with acute sciatica or a whiplashed neck, you might say that Osteopathy was a lot of massage, a little stretching and a few very loud ‘cracks’.
On the other hand, if you arrived with IBS, you could report that Osteopathy is about having your abdomen kneaded like a large lump of dough!
Dancers may liken their first consultation to taking a dance class, and singers describe the strange sensations of having their larynx and jaw manipulated.

The truth of the matter is that Osteopathy has always been ‘holistic’ – long before the word was coined, osteopaths used an unexpectedly broad base of skills to bring relief and health to their patients. Each person is unique and their treatment ‘prescription’ will be as individual as they are themselves. It is a rare practitioner who relies entirely on stretching and ‘crunching’.

Focus on Osteopathy
So, whatever it was that guided you to Osteopathy in the first instance, next time you have a health problem which is not obviously a case for the more orthodox medical profession, but you are not sure where to go for advice think of us. Even if your problem is not within our remit, we can usually direct you to a suitable therapist. However, you might well be surprised at what we can offer you here at Sundial Avenue

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