Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist   Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist

Osteopath & Nutritional Therapist

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Pregnancy and Pre-conceptual Care, and Fertility Enhancement

Recently there has been a great deal of publicity focusing on the importance of diet in relation to children's intelligence and health. However, very little is said about the most important 4 months in a child's life the 4 months before conception! This is the period of time required for both sperm and egg to mature, and the quality of these is entirely dependent on the nutrition that each receives from their prospective parent.

Pregnancy and Pre-conceptual Care, and Fertility Enhancement
Well-planned pre-conceptual care can make the difference between a healthy intelligent child, or no child at all.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 couples will experience some fertility problems, and many of these couples will wait over 3 years before conception. Of all the reasons for conception failure, less than are due to definite female structural problems such as tubal failure or lack of ovulation. The remaining number are equally spread between male problems of semen quality and 'unexplained' reasons.

Female fertility is extremely amenable to nutritional/lifestyle intervention, increasing the chances of natural conception very significantly. Even if structural problems necessitates IVF treatment, the chances of success have been shown to be 50% in couples following a holistic approach, as opposed to 20% in normal couples.

Male semen quality can likewise be improved, increasing sperm count and quality ten-fold in some cases.

Once the pregnancy is established, optimum nutrition is still important to both mother and baby. Various nutrients are important at different trimesters. Many studies have confirmed the wisdom of encouraging a robust infant immune system in the last few months before birth.

After the birth, good nutrition encourages maternal wellbeing, high quality breast milk, and rapid return to normal weight.

Fertility problems and treatments can be the cause of great stress, both emotional and financial. Consider how much difference might be made by a few months of pre-conceptual care.

Complementary therapies which are also helpful:

  • Osteopathic treatment can be valuable during and after pregnancy, and will minimise the potential for back pain and postural problems.

  • Pilates Exercise is ideal at any time except the first few weeks post partum. Regular classes during pregnancy help to maintain posture and muscle tone, ensuring the fastest possible rehabilitation after birth.

  • Yoga is also available in especially adapted forms for pregnancy.

  • Bioenergetic Healing & Reiki have been found helpful in relieving the stress which can reduce fertility and exacerbate uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy.

    New mothers often benefit from the relaxation and improved energy levels that this type of treatment can provide.

  • Reflexology can help balance hormone levels and reduce stress.
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